Stayhealthy RT6 Research Tracker
Expertise in Advanced Research

The Stayhealthy® RT6™ is designed as a complete activity recording and measurement system for clinical and research applications. It is the only system currently available that measures activity in kinematic (raw data) or kcal (calorie expenditure) mode, tracking both acceleration and angular rate. The device includes 6 sensor technology (triaxial accelerometer and triaxial gyroscope) that records real-time energy expenditure. The Stayhealthy RT6 is the next-generation of research activity monitors Stayhealthy has deployed since 1995.

Stayhealthy RT6 Research TrackerClinical Accuracy

Stayhealthy holds a world-wide reputation for providing clinical-grade, accurate, easy to use products and solutions that enhance and facilitate research endeavors. The RT6 has been developed and tested for quality, accuracy, and feature accessibility. It continually tracks activity via MEMS sensor accelerometer and gyroscope technologies that measure acceleration in X, Y, and Z axes, outputting both metabolic calories and activity calories.

Stayhealthy RT6 Research TrackerNew Easy-to-Use Software

The RT6™ v6.0 software supports immediate and efficient assessment and tracking of participants in ongoing and comparative studies. The interface enables professionals to display performance graphs and activity unit data. Users may export the data collected on the RT6™ device to a .CSV file to allow data to be conveniently manipulated offline.

Stayhealthy RT6 Research TrackerLeader in Activity Monitoring

Stayhealthy is the leading company to introduce miniaturized calorie trackers based on accelerometry. The Stayhealthy® RT3™, predecessor to the RT6, has been used in a multitude of clinical studies by major universities over the past 15 years.

Stayhealthy RT6 Research TrackerScientific Collaboration

Stayhealthy designs its products and solutions with extensive researcher input and also offers support in developing grant applications that include the RT6. For more information, contact us.